Rich demonstrated a solid technical understanding of HR and benefit rules and regulations. In addition, he was very well liked by the employees he supported and respected by the Leadership Team. He did an excellent job of managing HR during a period high of staffing growth while putting in new processes in place and making improvements. Yet, he still took the time to get to know each employee.
– Jeff P., SurveyGizmo Dir of Finance

Always fair, Rich builds strong relationships built on trust and mutual respect. I was most impressed with his integrity, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to resolve issues and concerns.
-Toni P-C., SurveyGizmo Dir of Strategic Partnerships

Rich’s strong management experience, knowledge of human resource policies, and sense of fairness made him invaluable as his advice was insightful, professional and spot on. I enjoyed working with Rich as he was dedicated in his job and fun to work with.
– Steve L., Ur Energy Chief Mine Geologist

Rich has been an invaluable resource in helping with sensitive employee issues. Rich has been a steady and calm voice in a frequently changing environment.
-Steve W., SurveyGizmo Dir of New Business

It is with great pleasure that I write a recommendation letter for Rich Boberg. I first met Rich when interviewing with Ur-Energy. Rich was the Director of Human Resource and was responsible for the management of all HR functions within Ur-Energy. He was one of the reasons why I decided to join Ur-Energy.

During the interview process, it became obvious how challenging Rich’s responsibility was. Rich was instrumental in identifying the appropriate talent needed and obtaining that talent. This was no easy task. The location of the mine site (2 hours west of Casper Wyoming), shortage of experienced personal, and competitive hiring environment made it difficult to fill crucial positions within Ur-Energy. Not only was Rich able to fill crucial positions, he surpassed expectations. Ur-Energy is now one of the lowest cost producer of uranium in the world and much of the credit can be given to the excellent team Rich Boberg built and mentored.

Rich’s positive attitude and smile was something very much needed in the early stage of operations. When things were chaotic, he provided stability and assurance. You could always depend on Rich’s experience, personality and abilities to lead and guide you to the appropriate solution.

Professionally, he is the best HR Director I had the pleasure to work with.
-Alex H., Ur-Energy Plant Manager

Rich Boberg has been an extremely valuable business partner. His professional aptitude, skill, and vision is only surpassed by his personal attention, care, and involvement with his colleagues. Rich provides a sense of security and serenity that should be desired by any organization- particularly a dynamic one. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Rich and to call him a friend.
-Pablo N., SurveyGizmo Key Accounts Manager

Rich’s professionalism is top-notch and he genuinely cares about our employees. As an HR professional, Rich is very approachable, easy to talk with and helps foster a culture that employees thrive within!
-Sharon H., SurveyGizmo Sr. Account Executive

Rich was an incredible leader, who cares deeply about his work. Through my time with Rich, there was not a day that he didn’t have a genuine smile on his face and a great attitude. Rich has an open-door policy, and he is extremely approachable. Rich comes up with solutions to difficult problems that are unique and well-calculated, while making it look effortless.
-Hannah R., SurveyGizmo Sales Executive